My husband, Pat, was admitted to Allouez Parkside Village #2 in April of 2018 with Lewy Body Dementia, and he was a handful at times.  The staff and office personnel were great with him.  Unfortunately, Pat could not partake in the activities because his dementia had progressed so rapidly, but they had so many activities and great music on Fridays.  We always felt welcome and staff knew us by name.  I ate several of my lunches with my husband and they were always delicious.  I also got to know several of the residents and their family members, which was helpful when you go through this journey.
My husband was only there for four and a half months, and hospice came on board one month before he passed.  Hospice was also very caring and there for me.  They walked be through a lot of the steps and Deacon John was so compassionate.  If I had to go someplace if I got dementia, I would definitely choose Allouez Parkside Village #2. 
It has been a little over 5 weeks since my husbands death and I have been back to visit several times, and to thank the staff for everything they did for my dear husband, Pat.