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Top Assisted Living Facility in Green Bay & Brillion

Assisted Living By Hillcrest provides a simple community lifestyle that specializes in Alzheimer’s & Dementia care, as well as personalized Assisted Living. Our talented, licensed and certified caregivers provide the highest level of quality care available 24 hours per day. The care our staff provides is second to none, and definitely sets us apart from other facilities. Our commitment is to respect life & celebrate it daily. We go the extra mile to serve our residents, to see them smile & to make them feel loved and cared for. Our staff not only cares for & gets to know the residents, but develops relationships with families as well. We want families to know and trust that their loved one is safe and cared for each and every day.

When you enter one of the Assisted Living By Hillcrest facilities, you have truly come home.

We invite you to visit any of our facilities, where you will find
The Most Attentive Care…Anywhere.



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Always Honoring Our Veterans

Click here to learn more about the support Assisted Living By Hillcrest provides for our resident Veteran’s and the Old Glory Honor Flight.

Dementia Live - The Inside View of Living with Dementia

Assisted Living By Hillcrest offers a unique opportunity for family and professional caregivers to briefly, yet movingly, experience the challenges and struggles of a person living with dementia.

Dementia Live™ is an innovative program designed by a team of dementia, sensitivity and awareness, and professional development experts from the nationally recognized AGE-u-cate® Training Institute headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Using specialized gear within a safe, experiential setting, Dementia Live™ provides participants a real-life simulation of what it must be like to live with dementia. Participants gain greater awareness and understanding of the constant struggles (24/7) affecting persons with dementia. Greater understanding leads to more sensitive care partnering.

The Dementia Live program is the newest tool in the powerful arena of sensitivity awareness training being used for the booming number of direct care staff, family caregivers, healthcare professionals, and college and university students.  “We are at the crossroads of understanding aging and dementia; this understanding is not an option but a necessity for every member of our society.  It is a worldwide phenomenon affecting every level of our society”, states Pam Brandon, President and Founder of the AGE-u-cate Training Institute.  “We must equip those who are caring for and serving our aging population to better understand their challenges. We are living in a fast-aging world.”

To learn more about the Dementia Live™ experience and how you can participate, contact Holly with Assisted Living By Hillcrest – (920) 660-0835.