Course Outline:
  • Understanding the basics about dementia
  • Recognize the differences between normal ageing and dementia
  • Understand parts of the brain and brain changes that occur
  • Dementia Statistics
  • Discuss in detail the different forms of Dementia
  • How to deal with Challenging Behaviors

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Medication Management & Administration

This course provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely administer medications in a CBRF setting.

NOTE:  This is a two-day class, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

Course Outline

  • Medication classifications
  • Forms & routes of medications
  • Medication terminology & abbreviations
  • Accuracy, confidentiality & safety in the administration and management of both prescribed and over the counter medications
  • Adverse effects of medication
  • Hands-on training
  • When to notify the MD
  • Documentation

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First Aid and Choking

Course Outline

Recognizing an emergency & response protocol
Activate the EMS system
Identify breathing emergencies & how to respond when a person is choking

Recognize & care for:
-Sudden illness
-Various injuries
-Heart attack & cardiac arrest


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Fire Safety

Course Outline
-Proper extinguishing methods & fire extinguisher use
-Identify the stages of a fire & how they spread
-Flammable material precautions


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Standard Precautions

This state-approved course must successfully be completed before an employee may assume responsibilities that may expose them to blood, body fluids, or other moist body substances.

-Learn about Standard Precautions & how they pertain to your work environment

-Blood-borne pathogens & transmission control

-Personal Protective Equipment

-OSHA Standards

Groups of 4 or more get 10% off