Assisted Living/ CBRF Course Training

Is care giving your passion?
Join us today for State approved/required courses to further your career opportunities in the assisted living industry.

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Offering offsite course training at your preferred location for groups of 5 or more!


$150 – 3.5 hours

This course provides the skill and knowledge to safely prevent and react to fires in a CBRF.

note: class time includes teaching and test time

Course Outline

  • Proper extinguishing methods including fire extinguisher use
  • Identify the stages of a fire & how they spread
  • Flammable material precautions

$100.00 – 3.5 hours

This course must successfully be completed before an employee may assume responsibilities that may expose them to blood, bodily fluids, or other moist bodily substances.

note: class time includes teaching and test time

Course Outline

  • Learn about Standard Precautions & how they pertain to your work environment
  • Blood-borne pathogens & transmission control
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • OSHA Standards

$200 – 4.5 hours

This course provides training in first aid and procedures to minimize choking.

note: class time includes teaching and test time

Course Outline

  • Recognizing an emergency & response protocol
  • Activate the EMS system
  • Identify breathing emergencies & how to respond when a person is choking
  • Recognize & care for:
    • Sudden illness
    • Various injuries
    • Bleeding
    • Shock
    • Heart attack & cardiac arrest

$350 – 14 hours

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely administer medications in a CBRF setting.

Course Outline

  • Medication classifications
  • Forms & routes of medications
  • Medication terminology & abbreviations
  • Accuracy, confidentiality & safety in the administration & management of both prescribed & over the counter medications
  • Adverse effects of medication
  • Hands-on training in lab
  • When to notify the MD
  • Documentation

$405.00 (10% savings)

This includes 3 classes: Standard Precautions, Fire Safety, First Aid & Choking

If you are interested in scheduling 3 classes & receiving the package discount, please contact Tina at (920) 784-0195 or

Course Qualifications

  • Courses are taught by our Certified Trainer
  • All courses offered comply with DHS 83.20
  • All participants must pass a State test to be eligible for the State registry
  • All terms & conditions must be met for participants to be enrolled with the State
  • Valid form of government-issued identification is required
  • You are not officially registered for a course until full payment & confirmation has been received
  • Prices are subject to change
  • Accommodations offered for persons with learning challenges

Courses held at our training center:

Assisted Living By Hillcrest 
1889 Commerce Drive
De Pere, WI  54115

Questions?  Contact Tina at (920) 784-0195


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